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Irrigation System Backflow Preventer

Testing, Installation, and Rebuilding

Irrigation systems require what is called a backflow preventer to prevent outside water to your sprinkler or irrigation system (which may contain contaminants such as fertilizer, pesticides, etc.) from flowing back into your home or business' water lines and contaminating your drinking water.

Depending on which city you live in, testing and inspections may be required on regular preset intervals to insure this system is functioning as it should to prevent backflow contamination.

We are certified to test, rebuild, and install irrigation backflow preventers. This can help keep your water safe and keep your system in compliance with city code requirements.


We also repair sprinkler systems as well as perform start-ups and winterizations. Backflow preventers and sprinkler systems are yet another thing you can have done Roto-Rooter right.

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