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Roto-Rooter® Urinal Blocks

  • The Urinal Block is an effective and economical tool for businesses and public facilities.

  • Most urinal blocks today are just deodorizers and do not have the capability to break down calcium.

  • Roto-Rooter's Urinal Block not only has an apple-scented fragrance for deodorizing purposes, but contains healthy bacteria that eliminates the calcium build-up inside drain lines.

  • It also has a screen trap to stop other debris from entering the drain line.

  • Calcium build-up is as solid as concrete and has to be chiseled out. Sometimes the build-up is too far gone and the drain lines and urinals themselves have to be completely replaced.

  • Avoid this costly mess - use Roto-Rooter's Urinal Block!

  • Each 4 ounce block lasts for approximately 500 flushes depending on usage. Sold individually or by the case with 12 Urinal Blocks per case.

Roto-Rooter® Fragrance Blocks

The Fragrance Block is an economical alternative to the Urinal Block for commercial applications. Roto-Rooter’s Fragrance Block has a cherry fragrance for deodorizing purposes. The biological formula also helps dissolve mineral deposits, hard water scale, and uric salts to provide continuous drain maintenance. The screen surrounding the block helps prevent debris from entering the drain line. Each 4 ounce block lasts for approximately 60 days depending on usage. Sold individually or as 12 Fragrance Blocks per case.

Roto-Rooter® Urinal Screens

Urinal Screens are an alternative for restrooms with less use, such as a private restroom or an employee-only restroom of smaller businesses. It is low cost and long lasting while still offering protection against dropped items and debris that could potentially clog the urinal. The pads are made of a durable vinyl and have a cherry fragrance to aid against foul odor. Sold individually or as 12 per case.

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