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Video Camera Line Inspection and Locating

With advancements in video camera technology, we are now able to see and precisely locate your sewer and drain problems in full detailed color video 

This technology has made it possible to not only detect and locate issues with plumbing lines, but also retrieve lost items such as jewelry, toys, and even pets.

Roto-Rooter was the first in town to offer video line inspection and locating, and remains the most trusted source for accurate inspection, location, and retrieval in Wichita.

Buying a House?
Have your sewer inspected 
by Roto-Rooter!


Many potential homeowners and realtors rely on Roto-Rooter's expertise to camera inspect their sewer before making a purchase. Typical home inspections do not check sewer lines, and potential problems can be costly and extremely inconvenient to a new homeowner.

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