Any plumbing or drain-related work having been done by the most experienced technicians, with the most care, properly, punctually, and perfectly.


“I will never again have issues with my sewer line because my trenchless replacement was done Roto-Rooter Right.”

    Roto-Rooter Right  

(roh-toh roo t-er rahyt)


A Plumber in Wichita, KS You Can Trust To Do It Right - The First Time

  • Full service drain and plumber in Wichita, KS

        – no job too big or small

  • Most experienced technicians, some with decades in the company

  • All work guaranteed, all guarantees honored

  • Licensed and insured for the customers protection

  • First in Wichita for trenchless sewer replacement

If it doesn't say "Roto",

its not the original Rooter!

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